Monday, April 26, 2004

It is always harder to get up in the morning when you can hear the whirring of your fan and the chirping of the birds while a cool breeze circles your bedroom. But rise and shine I did. I took the bird out after our shower to check on the lettuce. It looked perkier so I think it might successfully transplant. After moving in slow motion for a few hours I finally make it to Starbuck's to offer my daily support to the Evil Empire for my quick caffeinne and sugar fix. And, once on the bus I am made privy to an otherwise personal conversation due to the modern miracle of cordless, wireless, unconnectedness technology. I always have to stop for a minute and make sure the person who is using this new technology isnt in all actuality talking to me. Before I recognize they are having a conversation with someone on the other end of a receiver I first think they must be talking to me, then I think no not me but who...are they schizo or something...no, wait they are talking to someone else. Loudly too. This particular conversation involved something about stolen goods, handcuffs, and hysterical hyena laughter. Three of us exchanged knowing glances and at certain points in the conversation laughed out loud ourselves. Not because we have ever had personal experience with stolen goods or been in handcuffs (well at least not because we were going to jail)...it was because we were laughing at the blatant disregard that this person had for common courtesy and how more and more conversations that really should be private are put out there like some modern Shakesperian monolougue. An aside for the audience. 15 seconds of fame. And, one would have to consider the motivation of this technology weilding, hyena laughing, narcissitic personality. I mean if she were a smoker we would ask her to put her cigarette out because she was on a public bus...but then I guess being an unwilling participant in a hostage conversation where we are unable to add in our own two cents worth is well, not clinically proven to be hazardous to our health. So, we blog instead. I wonder if she would be offended or proud that she has been memorialized. Proud I think.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I live in the hood. As part of a personal attempt to both beautify the neighborhood and watch something grow, I planted some musculin lettuce. You know, that baby mixed green stuff? I just transferred it into the ground today. I hope it makes it. The wild flowers are doing well, but have not bloomed yet. I am hoping they will be blooming by next week so I will be able to use them in a flower ceremony...a great ritual used to recognize new members of our church. The idea is that you choose a flower that represents you and you tell the congregation why you think it does. I like the wild flowers because they can live just about anywhere and no matter how many times you mow over them, they keep coming back. Not to mention that the blooms smell pretty nice too. And I think of myself that way...both beautiful and resilient. Hokey I know...but I can be hokey if I want to be. I hope I will sleep well tonight. I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes.

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